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What Makes Inspire Coach Academy's certification World Class?

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Course Methodology for Inspire Coach Academy's Global Life Coach, Parent Coach or Kids Life Coach Certification

Inspire Coach Academy

Course Methodology

We believe that learning should be through the process of doing, in an environment of collaboration, contribution and open and constructive feedback and in an atmosphere
which is stimulating and fun based.
This course utilizes a variety of instructional techniques including:

  • Audio/Visual presentations Coaching role plays with facilitator feedback
  • Personal Development
  • Experiential and interactive exercises
  • Peer Coach Group Sessions
  • Book Presentations
  • Instructional Coaching
  • Practical and Live Workshops
  • Practical Training of the Coaching Tools
  • Practical training for a One-to-one Session 
  • Training that will guide you how to create your own Coaching Tools to help a Particular client


Inspire Coach Academy truly believes in empowering their Coaches. We will be by your side until you feel you are ready to rule the world with your expertise and newly acquired expertise.

The ICA model was created out of our Founder Preetjyot Kaur’s parenting journey, her professional experience working with at-risk teens, curious little children, confused parents and her own deep curiosity about the human experience. This work has supported hundreds of parents to transform their deepest darkest moments into guiding lights, illuminating and creating an environment where children are given the liberty to be exactly who they are in this lifetime!


Support for Personal Development

Empowering our coaches with great confidence is our focus. We won't leave your side until you are ready to be on your own.

Extensive Study Material

Our curriculum is based on the most current research in change processes and parent education.

Realtime Coaching Experience

Our Live workshops and one-to-one coaching format will give you a realtime experience.

An ocean of Tools

We will provide you with a big ocean of Tools and techniques that would help you take up workshops and one to one clients with ease and expertise.


Understand the foundational elements of the Inspire Coach Academy Parenting Model

Create a safe emotional environment for clients

Create a strong supportive group

Use the material and learning and apply it to clients

Practice supporting parents as an Internationally Accredited coach

Empower a shift in consciousness and new awareness

Understand and practice the power of kindness and presence

Gain practical experience in coaching a client

Gain certification as an Inspire Coach Academy Parent Coach

Parenting coach
Parenting coach
Parenting coach

I want information on Fees, Curriculum , one of the most effective Goal Setting Tool - " 123 GOAL" (FREE) and a Free Ebook Life Coach: A Guide to a Fulfilling Career Through Certification

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