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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked Question
What are the pre-requisites?

Each candidate will be considered and reviewed on an individual basis. Anyone who is passionate about spreading gentle and conscious parenting out into the world is encouraged to apply.

You don't have to be a parent to apply nor do you need to have a previous degree in counselling.

How much support should one expect during and after the certification?

ICA is a dynamic Institute that delights in supporting our heart-centred professionals in taking their creative expression out into the real world. During the training period ICA acts as a container to hold our students while they expand their creative potential.

Upon graduation, ICA acts as a well that they can dip into as often as they like for networking and on-going education opportunities.

Can coaches work from their homes?

This is what is great about this profession. The world is your oyster! We train and guide you to coach from anywhere you like. All you would need is an internet access. You can choose to coach clients online or in person.

We will teach you entrepreneurial skills to help you create workshops and tools as well. There are a lot of career options you can choose to manifest as your training proceeds.

How much time does this require per week?

While every student learns differently, the average time you can expect to invest is 3-4 hours per week (apart from the 60-90 minutes live training per week)


Once you enrol, we won't be able to refund the fee. If due to any personal reason you need to take a pause, we can  consider that, however you must complete the assignments till date and submit a valid leave application. We will hold a seat for you and add you in the next available batch.

Are there scholarships available?

At this time, there are no scholarships available.

Are there payment plans available?

The entire course fee is to be paid in advance. 

Details about the accreditation?

ICA's has completed an accreditation evaluation and produced satisfactory evidence of both theoretical knowledge and assessment rigor to be granted Organisational Member with Accredited Training Provider Centre status, by ACCPH (U.K.).

Can one call themselves an ACCPH certified coach or an Internationally certified coach after this certification?

Since Inspire Coach Academy is an Internationally certified Institution, hence you can proudly call yourself an internationally certified or accredited coach. We also give an opportunity to our coaches to enrol as a coach on ACCPH's directory which has a very nominal fee.

What are the deadlines I need to be aware of?

After the completion of training, there will be a list of assignments given to each student. Apart from completing the assignments, one must complete the assigned number of one to one and workshop practice hours within 2 months of completion of the course.

What if I cannot set up a practice once I graduate?

Just like with all entrepreneurship endeavors, nothing is a guarantee. Setting up a practice requires a set of skills, including hard work, persistence, creativity, and networking. We will train you in some of these through our bonus program option which you can purchase upon graduation or while enrolling. However, please note that setting up a successful career takes time and patience. 

Is this therapy? How is it different?

This program is NOT therapy. It is a coaching methodology that is used to train parents to connect better with their children. There are clear guidelines and restrictions on how to stay within the limitations of a coach without crossing over into the territory of a therapist.

What is the going rate for coaching sessions? I’d like to understand ROI before moving forward.

At Inspire Coach Academy, we have a suggested rate of 1000 INR for a four-session coaching package in the beginning. As an individual practitioner, you can set your own rate based on your experience, clientele, location, etc.

Will ICA help me find clients?

The certification program equips you to work effectively with parents and caregivers. If you are certified, we will endorse you on our website. You will need to network and find your own clients.

Do I need to use all of the Inspire Coach Academy's Framework or can I vary my approach and pick and choose what I use?

If you are gaining parent coaching clients by promoting yourself as a Inspire Coach Academy certified parent coach we would expect that you stick closely to the framework. It is important to us that we keep the essence and fidelity of our framework. We would desire and expect that you would add your personal anecdotes and tweaks that truly make it your own while maintaining the core of the ICA Framework. The ICA coaching course material easily guides the coaching conversations.

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