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Parent coach

The Perfect Career Is Possible

Our Parent Coach Certification Training is the first step to living the life you’ve always imagined.

The World Needs More Parent Coaches…and we train coaches who will change the way children are raised…

Parenting coach
Parenting coach

Inspire Coach Academy's Vision and Mission

It is Inspire Coach Academy's deepest desire to share their expertise and learnings with the world. 

The reality is that our society is at a crisis point when it comes to Emotional Intelligence and we truly believe that together we can create a new environment in our homes and support the shift needed in the world of Parenting. ICA shows you the way. ICA's training Model supports parents to create a safe environment in their homes for themselves and their children, building unconditional confidence, and promoting emotional and physical well being.

Inspire Coach Academy (ACCPH) is on a mission to provide International Standard training to all our coaches and empower them to lead a life they dream of.

The World Needs More Parent Coaches, and we aim at helping coaches who will change the way children are raised.

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Inspire Coach academy

Experience transformation within your own family and add Parent Coaching to your existing business, career, or skill set.

Earn a great living working from home, helping parents:

  • Turn Conflict into Cooperation
  • Shift Hurts and Misunderstandings into Love and connection
  • Change the Parenting style from Fear and Control to Values-Driven Leadership
  • Work with their unconscious conditioning
  • Remove barriers in the parent-child dynamic
  • Find peace and joy in their home
  • Work with overwhelming feelings
  • Become the parent they want to be

What Makes Inspire Coach Academy's certification World Class?

Parenting coach

This is how a Parent Coach helps Parents and Caregivers:

Parent Coach

Why do parents need a Parent Coach?

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Preetjyot Kaur, Founder and Director of Inspire Coach Academy


Internationally Accredited Neuro Linguistic Programming expert, Life Coach for kids, Parent Coach & Coach for Educationists.

Fellow Member of ACCPH

Preetjyot Kaur

Surmeet Kaur, Director of Inspire Coach Academy


Professional Counsellor for past 10 years,Masters in Social Work(Specialization in Counselling), Psycho-dynamic Psychotherapist: Advanced Level, Worked with Juvenile Court as a counsellor, Clients affected by COVID-19 pandemic Counselling Therapy, NGO Management Diploma

Surmeet Kaur

Course Methodology for Inspire Coach Academy's Parent Coach Certification

We believe that learning should be through the process of doing, in an environment of collaboration, contribution and open and constructive feedback and in an atmosphere
which is stimulating and fun based.
This course utilizes a variety of instructional techniques including:

  • Audio/Visual presentations Coaching role plays with facilitator feedback
  • Personal Development
  • Experiential and interactive exercises
  • Peer Coach Group Sessions
  • Book Presentations
  • Instructional Coaching
  • Practical and Live Workshops
  • Practical Training of the Coaching Tools
  • Practical training for a One-to-one Session 
  • Training that will guide you how to create your own Coaching Tools to help a Particular client
Parenting coach


We chose to align with the ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists & Hypnotherapists U.K.) because Coaching is a Global profession and the ACCPH continues to be one of the most established and globally recognised peak body.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation indicates that a institution has had their program undergo rigorous external scrutiny and quality testing by a peak body.

What is Certification?

Certification is the recognized statement of attainment that indicates you have been assessed by an Accredited Coach Training Provider as having the industry skills and expertise required to practice as a coach.

What is a Credential?

With coaching, a credential designates a recognized level of expertise in coaching, as assessed by an industry peak body such as the ACCPH.  This is represented by designations such as Parent Coach, Coach for Kids and youth, Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach, etc.

Our philosophy

We Specialise in the Application of Knowledge

Coaching is about making deep and sustainable changes, and our learning method is about deep and life long learning. We believe that everyone who comes to coaching has a wealth of experience, knowledge or interest, that touches on coaching.  Our job is to provide you with a curriculum that is challenging and engaging and then to help you figure out the questions you need to answer and the learning you need to develop as a coach.

Our Training is more than just online classes.  It’s an interactive learning process with many human touch points and milestones along the way.  

Who is an expert?

The client is the expert in his or her own life. As coaches our role is to support the client to find the answers to their life challenges.


Diversity is a resource to be valued. We respect the unique life journey and life choices of all people.

Coaching is from the heart

“Coaching is from the heart”. This means practicing self-love and self-care to create a firm foundation from which to give to others in the coaching relationship.

Focus on Growth

Which we focus on growth. Therefore, our focus is on strengths. We only focus on weaknesses if they appear as obstacles to building on our strengths.

Life Long Learners

Coaches are life long learners. We support our clients in a continual learning journey, just as we travel on ours.

Model of Coaching

No one model of coaching has all of the answers for all coaching clients. We employ tools and models to support coaching but never to drive the process.


It is an immense privilege to be invited into another person’s life to be a partner in their success. We also believe that with this privilege comes a responsibility to behave ethically at all times.


Inspire Coach Academy truly believes in empowering their Coaches. We will be by your side until you feel you are ready to rule the world with your expertise and newly acquired skills.

The ICA model was created out of our Founder Preetjyot Kaur’s parenting journey, her professional experience working with at-risk teens, curious little children, confused parents and her own deep curiosity about the human experience. This work has supported hundreds of parents to transform their deepest darkest moments into guiding lights, illuminating and creating an environment where children are given the liberty to be exactly who they are in this lifetime!

Support for Personal Development

Empowering our coaches with great confidence is our focus. We won't leave your side until you are ready to be on your own.

Extensive Study Material

Our curriculum is based on the most current research in change processes and parent education.

Realtime Coaching Experience

Our Live workshops and one-to-one coaching format will give you a realtime experience.

An ocean of Tools

We will provide you with a big ocean of Tools and techniques that would help you take up workshops and one to one clients with ease and expertise.

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